Matemwe Beach Village Zanzibar Matemwe Beach Village Zanzibar
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The local community at Matemwe
A local ngalwa
The local community at Matemwe
The local community at Matemwe
  Matemwe Beach has a very real commitment to Zanzibar and its people. To this end we have several policies.

The owners and management believe we have a duty towards the people of the village.
• Gainful employment: wherever possible we employ people from the
neighbouring villages
• Staff are promoted from within wherever possible
• Fresh produce such as fish, some fruit and veg are sourced locally
• Seafood is selected carefully so as not to deplete the reef or ocean
• We do not hinder the local aqua culture communities

Once you are at Matemwe you can take a look around to see evidence of the talented people of Zanzibar and Tanzania everywhere.
• Our funky light fittings are made by local craftsman from wood, iron and
paper mache.
• The fittings such as hooks, curtain and towel rails are made by
Zanzibari ironmongers.
• Your bedcovers and cotton sarongs are hand-woven by Fundi Kiwale
and his team on their huge hand looms.
• The beach baskets and hats are woven by a women’s co-operative
called Moto, which give work to 100s of woman.
• Mats woven from coco rope are skilfully made by Pandu who has
been blind since he was a child.
• The furniture is made either on Zanzibar or the mainland. We can go on and on...the soap, the shampoo, the massage oils. The best thing is to come and see for yourselves!
Our boutique supports co-operatives, projects and businesses that provide a living to the people of East Africa. We work closely with local crafts people to bring you items that are different and funky and that you will enjoy in your own home.

How can you help?
One of the major problems that children have here is lack of access to books. Young children need to read books in their own language to develop a love of reading. Older children need to be encouraged to read in English, their second or third language at school, as English skills are essential in finding decent work opportunities. Please write to us and we can tell you how you can either contribute to a fund to buy books or which books you can order from Amazon and bring along !