Matemwe Beach Village Zanzibar Matemwe Beach Village Zanzibar
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Beach Wedding at Matemwe
Private splash pool in the Asali Suite at Matemwe
Beach Wedding at Matemwe
Beach Wedding at Matemwe
  Tie the Knot
Simple, special, sublime ... for parties of 2 to 40.
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“The first month after marriage, when there is nothing but tenderness and pleasure"   Samuel Johnson
As it is a quiet and romantic spot and we don’t charge the earth Matemwe Beach is popular with honeymooners. And we know how to look after them too!
As we were approached so often we now offer gift packages from friends and family for the happy couple.

Please download our list of suggestions:
Wedding Gifts (Pdf-96kb)

Please contact us to make purchase a gift package or book your wedding or honeymoon with us at Matemwe Beach Village.